Thursday, May 28, 2009

Our Maori Legend Digital Story: Maui and the Sun

We have been retelling stories as part of our writing unit. We learned about some Maori legends including Maui and the Sun.

First we storyboarded all the ideas from the legend out into a 6 box storyboard. Then we wrote a sequenced retelling of the story. Next, with a buddy we each took a part of the legend to draw a picture on Kidpix of and to make a voice recording of.

You can see below the WALT and success criteria that we followed, and see our final product!
We hope you enjoy :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Maori Legend retellings

Room 9 have been learning to retell stories in their writing.
We learned about several Maori legends and focused on retelling them in detail and in the correct sequence.

Here are some of Room 9's retellings of Maui and the Sun

Maui slows the Sun
Maui wanted to go fishing but the sun went accross the sky too fast. He couldn't go fishing. Maui's brothers made a net. They caught the sun. The sun said "Let me go!". Maui started to wack the sun with the jaw bone. The sun said "ouchy". The sun promised that he would go slowly in the sky. Now Maui got to go fishing for longer.
By Jazmine

Maui slows the Sun
Once upon a time Maui lived with his brothers. Maui said to his brothers "Let's go fishing!" but it was too dark. So Maui said to his brothers "make ropes and a net". Maui and his brothers went to the hole that the sun came out of. At the hole, they stretched the net over. When the sun came up they caught it and got caught in the net and the ropes. Maui climbed the ropes and hit the sun with the magic jaw bone. "Why are you doing this to me?" the sun cried. "Because you are moving too fast" Maui said. Finally the sun said that he would slow down.
By George B

Kidpix image drawn by Aria and Jessie.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Our Holiday Digi Art

We're now back at school for Term 2!

We had lots of fun in our school holidays. We used crayon, dye and a digital photo to make our very special
"Holiday Digi Art"

First we had to decide what we were going to draw.
Then we needed to think of what we'd be doing in our setting and pose for a photograph
Next we drew our setting and coloured it with crayon.
Finally we printed, cut out and glued on our digital photograph.

Take a look at our Digi Art below and see what you think!!!